What is the Cooler Sale?

Since 1913, Neesvig’s has been supplying Wisconsin restaurants with top quality meat. In fact, we are Madison’s oldest restaurant meat supplier. The Neesvig’s Cooler Sale is a local tradition that dates back to our facility on Atlas Avenue in Madison, WI. Five Saturdays per year we open our door to the public for a direct-to-consumer meat sale.

Just drive into the parking lot on the backside of the Neesvig’s building, walk into our cooler (wear warm clothes) and browse! Over 75 products are featured at each Cooler Sale.

Variety of Items

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Brats/Sausage
  • Spices

Try a Sample!

We are proud of our products and want you to taste before you buy. Stop by the sample table at each Cooler Sale to taste our quality products.

Did you Know?

Neesvig’s goes through a 53-point inspection each day to ensure food safety. Neesvig’s is a USDA inspected facility and is committed to ensuring that our facility meets all USDA requirements.

Where is Neesvig's Located?

Neesvig's is conveniently located in Windsor, WI between Interstate 90-94 and Highway 51


Create magnificent meals with products purchased from Neesvig's! Browse our recipe library to find perfect meal options.

Cooler Sale Rewards Card

Earn points for every item purchased at the Neesvig's Cooler Sale. Cardholders can redeem their points for savings on future Cooler Sale purchases. Cardholders will also receive price breaks on certain items at each Cooler Sale.

September 13th Cooler Sale Winners

1st place 50.00 Gift Card Kim J of DeForest

2nd place 30.00 Gift Card Ruth M of Madison

3rd place 20.00 Gift Card Hellen L of Arlington

4th place 10.00 Gift Card Connie H of Rio